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About Four Paws Animal Hospital & Wellness Center

Four Paws Animal Hospital & Wellness Center is a privately owned veterinary hospital located in Fredericksburg, VA. We pride ourselves on practicing high-quality medicine with a personalized touch.

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About our animal hospital

The Four Paws Story

After a successful five-year career as an Associate Veterinarian in her first job out of school, Dr. Kathy Kallay started dreaming of starting her own practice. One focused on quality medical care and creating great relationships with patients and clients.

Starting a veterinary hospital from scratch is a big undertaking but, with the support of her family and a team of advisors, Dr. Kallay saw her dream come true in 2006 with the opening of Four Paws Animal Hospital and Wellness Center.

Modern state-of-the-art equipment is utilized throughout the hospital to ensure the best medical care. The facility’s design includes numerous details, from how the HVAC system is set up to what kind of materials are used in different locations to ensure cleanliness. An emergency generator ensures that care can be provided in all situations. And all of our post-op recovery cages have heated floors to make sure our patients are toasty warm!

One of the big advantages of being a privately owned hospital (rather than a corporate practice) is that it allows Four Paws to build personal and customized relationships with clients and their pets. We can do what works best for each individual rather than being forced into a “one size fits all” approach. For example, we know certain clients have a much easier time giving liquid medications than pills, so we accommodate them whenever possible.

Thought is also given to understanding patient preferences. Like standing on exam tables vs. the floor for services or whether they prefer their pedicures indoors or outside in our grassy play yard. We encourage “happy visits” so our patients can come to get a treat, a tour, and a few belly rubs…and nothing else. We want them to be calm and anticipate good things when they walk in the door. Our team is attuned to any signs of patient stress and work to alleviate it with distraction, low-stress handling skills, and of course, yummy treats.

When creating Four Paws, Dr. Kallay never lost sight that the people that work there make all the difference. She wanted to build a culture as positive and enjoyable for our employees as for our patients and clients. She has! Four Paws is picky about the people on our team. We hire for skills and for a positive, upbeat attitude. We hire people that enjoy people as much as animals. Happy employees have innumerable benefits to our business and the quality of our medical care. Plus, it is just a pleasure to come to work when the energy is so upbeat and fun!

Building personal relationships with our clients is the lifeblood of our practice. The doctors and team love getting to know our patients’ funny little quirks and being partners and collaborators with our clients in caring for their four-footed family members. We never lose sight of the privilege and the joy of being part of your pet’s care, from the exciting first puppy or kitten visit to helping the well-loved senior enjoy their days in the sun.

Four Paws was built for and about pets and people. It is a dream that came true for Dr. Kallay and one that she and the team invite clients and pets into with open arms.