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Join our veterinary team at Four Paws Animal Hospital & Wellness Center! We are a private practice with progressive medical care, excellent community reputation, great team spirit, and positive work environment.

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Working at Four Paws

When creating Four Paws, Dr. Kallay never lost sight that the people that work there make all the difference. She wanted to build a culture as positive and enjoyable for our employees as for our patients and clients. She has! Four Paws is picky about the people on our team. We hire for skills and for a positive upbeat attitude. We hire people that enjoy people as much as animals. Happy employees have innumerable benefits to our business and the quality of our medical care. Plus, it is just a pleasure to come to work when the energy is so upbeat and fun!


I started as a veterinarian at Four Paws Animal Hospital and Wellness Center in January of 2023 and have found it to be a great place to work.  I appreciate the organization and flow of the workday that the appointment schedule of Four Paws provides.  The 30-minute appointments provide adequate time to do an exam, develop a plan, perform required diagnostics, and interact with clients without rush.  The assistants do a great job of running appointments, which allows the doctors to focus on our responsibilities.  Similarly, the LVTs at Four Paws are experienced and very capable and are able to help handle a lot of the diagnostic testing and client communication.  The hospital director and front office manager are also instrumental in keeping Four Paws running smoothly.  It is extremely important to have staff that can be trusted and depended on, and I have found that at Four Paws.

An emphasis on preventing burnout is becoming more prevalent in the veterinary field and having a good work/life balance is essential.  This is something that Four Paws does well.  I really appreciate having weekends and 1 day off during the week.  It is a rare occurrence that I have to stay late, and I find that I generally have enough time during the normal working hours to get all my work/written records completed.  There are no scheduled on-call hours or expectations to come in outside of work hours.

I appreciate the work environment Four Paws provides.  The facility is clean and modern with up-to-date equipment for patient care and electronic medical records.  There are a variety of specialists and options of emergency facilities close by for referrals for more advanced diagnostics and after-hours care.  I enjoy the fact that we are able to discuss complicated cases with each other or with board-certified specialists if necessary.  I appreciate having the flexibility to practice medicine as I see fit.  The focus is always to provide our clients with the best possible care.  This includes an emphasis on preventative care such as yearly heartworm tests, routine and preoperative blood work, and yearly or bi-yearly exams as appropriate.  Low stress handling is emphasized to the extent possible.

In summary, I’ve been happy with my choice to join Four Paws Animal Hospital and Wellness Center and encourage anyone to give employment here serious consideration.


Dr. Cara Langfitt

veterinary management consultant

To Whom it May Concern,

As a veterinary management consultant, I have the advantage of working with many practices. My expertise is communication and culture building. Almost every practice says they have good culture, but when I interview the team, I find that is not the case. That did not happen at Four Paws. One consistent message from every single team member was we enjoy working together and support each other professionally and personally.

This practice has consistent meetings, shares information, solicits team member ideas and feedback and works to create a positive experience for the patient and the client. They are fortunate to have a very experienced practice manager and an owner who is focused on good medicine and good business. The practice is organized, immaculate, up to date with both equipment and medical knowledge and has a stellar reputation in the community.

The doctors practice spectrum of care medicine and work to help all their clients afford good pet care. They are a staff inclusive of many cultures, races and backgrounds and embrace all. Their lead licensed veterinary technician won the Merck Technician of the Year Award.

Four Paws is one of the best practices I have worked with. Dr. Kallay embraced my recommendations and moved quickly to make the needed changes and that is incredibly rare. I highly recommend this practice to any veterinarian looking for a practice who will allow them to enjoy their work and flourish as a person.


Debbie Boone, CVPM

Current Open Positions

Associate Veterinarian

Look no further! You have found where you will want to work. Our beautiful, privately owned hospital located in the city of Fredericksburg is seeking to add a veterinarian to manage our rapid growth. Our small animal hospital excels in:

PERSONNEL “I enjoy working every day with colleagues that are as passionate about animal care as I am.” -Chloe (Assistant)

  • Highly leveraged staff  The assistants do a great job of running appointments which allows the doctors to focus on our responsibilities.” – Dr. Cara Langfitt
  • Full time Front Office Manager and Hospital Director to assist with any administrative issues.
  • Two experienced full time veterinarians
  • Two experienced LVTs, one of whom was the Merck LVT of the Year in 2022! “I feel empowered to use my medical knowledge and expertise to the fullest extent, and I feel respected and trusted by the veterinarians…” -Patrick (Lead LVT)
  • Positive team atmosphere  I enjoy how well everyone works together as a team to provide the best possible experience for our clients.” -Rachel (Receptionist)
  • Inclusive practice culture

PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT  I enjoy the fact that we are able to discuss complicated cases with each other or with board-certified specialists if necessary.” Dr. Cara Langfitt

  • Numerous boarded specialists within a one hour radius
  • Board certified radiology consultation available for all patients
  • Board certified specialists (such as Internal Medicine) available for free phone consultations
  • Other doctors in building for spontaneous consultations
  • Local emergency facility provides urgent and critical care
  • Mentoring program “It’s a good place for mentorship and to be able to ask questions and learn new things. “ –Dr. Katrina Spies (relief veterinarian)
  • VIN membership
  • Private ownership of hospital allows for customized policies and protocols

MEDICAL CARE / FACILITIES / EQUIPMENT The practice is organized, immaculate, up to date with both equipment and medical knowledge.” Debbie Boone, CVPM

  • Best care offered for patient but happy to work with client constraints
  • 30 minute scheduled appointments for most exams
  • Well maintained and clean facilities
  • Ultrasound
  • Surgical laser
  • 100% electronic medical records and invoicing
  • Dental radiographs
  • In house and online pharmacy
  • In house labwork capability in addition to outsourced full service lab
  • Low stress handling emphasized

CLIENT ENGAGEMENT “I have always had a passion for animals, but I also love to engage and interact with our clients.” Cyndi V, Office Manager

  • Wellness Plans for clients available
  • Care Credit accepted
  • Highly trained staff
  • Professional social media posts on Instagram and Facebook (Whisker Cloud)
  • We have an app that offers numerous services and convenience to our clients as well as a loyalty plan
  • You Tube videos produced in house
  • Professionally managed website (Whisker Cloud)
  • Family atmosphere with long term clients facilitates increased compliance. “I cannot stress enough how amazing and compassionate they are and how your loved ones are in great hands.” -Tyler P (client)

COMMUNITY ATTRIBUTES “The [practice] has a stellar reputation in the community.” Debbie Boone, CVPM

  • Growing middle to higher income area
  • Clientele highly bonded to pets
  • Excellent community reputation with clients and local emergency clinic
  • Proximity to Richmond and Washington DC
  • Easy drive to beaches, mountains, lakes and river

WORK/LIFE BALANCE “This is something that Four Paws does well.” Dr. Cara Langfitt

  • No weekends, nights or on call
  • Option of 4 day work week
  • Carefully managed appointment schedule means you rarely have to stay “after hours” to finish charting, call backs, etc.
  • Scheduled daily one hour lunch break
  • Local emergency clinic can handle end of day complicated cases (can be referred)

COMPETITIVE BENEFITS PACKAGE Four Paws is one of the best practices I have worked with.” -Debbie Boone (CVPM)

  • Competitive Salary
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Relocation assistance
  • Paid holidays
  • 3 weeks of paid personal time off
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • SIMPLE IRA retirement plan with company matching
  • VIN Membership
  • DEA and VA State License
  • AVMA Membership
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • CE Allowance of $2,500 annually and 4 paid CE days
  • Discounted pet care

Our hiring process is careful and selective. We have worked hard to choose outstanding people as part of our team. Our Associate DVM’s will be as carefully picked. The successful candidate will like medicine, patients, and people and have the communication skills to share their knowledge and empathy equally.

You’ll love working at Four Paws


If you would like to explore this opportunity, please contact our Hospital Administrator CR Barrett for the initial contact @ [email protected].

We look forward to meeting and learning about you!


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