Knowing when, or how, to help your pet manage difficult conditions like arthritis, inflammation, pain control, or delayed healing can be a challenge for many pet owners. Thankfully, technological advancements allow veterinarians (and owners!) the opportunity to take an active approach with the addition of laser therapy.

Four Paws now offers to their patients laser therapy for pain relief, wound care, inflammation and dozens of common veterinary conditions.

Multi Radiance ActiVet PRO is an FDA-cleared laser therapy device that provides accelerated pain relief and reduced inflammation for faster, more complete healing in pets. This super pulsed laser combines three clinically proven light wavelengths to deeply penetrate tissues and kick start the body’s natural healing process. It is a useful adjunct to treat conditions like osteoarthritis, wounds, sprains, and tendonitis – without side effects, drugs, or surgery.

The laser also features blue light, which is used to fight bacteria and manage wounds in skin conditions like lick granulomas, pyoderma, and otitis.

To start, the doctor will examine your pet. After diagnosis she will prescribe a treatment plan with the required laser settings, treatment times, and techniques. The ActiVet PRO is available for single treatments or a discounted series of treatments in the office for more chronic conditions.

Four Paws also has the My Pet Laser 2.0 which is a laser therapy unit that can be rented for home use. This is a great option for patients that don’t travel well, or owners who have a busy schedule. This allows owners to be shown how to treat at home with the unit on their own time in 1-week intervals.

If you are interested in learning more about laser therapy, believe your pet might suffer from one of the above-mentioned conditions, or would like more information, please contact us to schedule an assessment for your pet!

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