As pet owners, we are responsible for ensuring our pets live healthy and happy lives. Unfortunately, one of the most common issues that plague our furry friends is pet obesity. Pet obesity can lead to severe risks for our cats and dogs, including heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, cancer, and more. 

The good news is pet obesity can be prevented, and it starts with pet owners making intentional changes to their pet’s lifestyle. Here are a few tips pet owners can take to help protect their pet against obesity: 

  • Feed pets healthy, portion-controlled meals. It’s essential to feed pets quality food formulated specifically for their age and size. Additionally, pet owners should measure pet food so they don’t overfeed or undereat their pet. Another great tip is to use a smaller food bowl when feeding their pet, so it looks like the amount of food is greater! 
  • Provide pets with plenty of exercise and activities. Exercise is essential for pet health; it helps maintain a healthy weight, improve mood and energy levels, and strengthen bones and joints. During the pet’s exercise time, pet owners should provide toys and activities to engage their pet. 
  • Avoid giving pets too many treats or table scraps. Pet owners need to be mindful of how much food they give their pet, such as treats or table scraps. Too many treats can add up quickly and contribute to pet obesity. A great tip is to plan ahead the number of low-calorie treats an owner will provide for their pet each day. This will prevent their pet from receiving too many treats leading to an unwanted weight problem. 
  • Regularly check pet weight. Pet owners should regularly check their pet’s weight to ensure they are not gaining too much or too little. If pet owners notice any sudden changes in their pet’s weight, they should take them to the vet immediately. 

By following these simple tips, pet owners can help ensure their pet stays healthy and at a good weight. Pet owners must be mindful of pet behaviors, food consumption, and pet weight and provide adequate exercise. With these simple steps, pet owners can help protect their pet from pet obesity.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your pet’s weight, feel free to contact us or learn more about our services offered.