From swimming pools to parasite preventions, summer safety plays an important role in our pets’ well-being. Knowing what dangers are lurking, how to combat them, and what to do in case of an emergency can help you be prepared for unwanted surprises. Here are a few of the essential things to know for summer preparedness for your furry family members.  

Summer weather can be full of sun and fun, but with that comes the risk of heat stroke and paw burns for our pets. If you are spending time outside with your pets, be sure they have access to shade and cool water. According to the AKC, early signs of heatstroke include heavy panting and rapid breathing, excessive drooling, dry mucous membranes, bright red gums and tongue, skin that’s hot to the touch, and a higher heart rate. It is important to know what to watch for to catch heat intolerance before it becomes severe. If your pet is showing signs, carry them to a cool place with shade and sponge or scoop cool (not cold) water on to their underside and paws until you can get them to the vet. It is important not to submerge them in cold water to avoid temperature shock. In addition, be aware of hot surfaces like asphalt before walking your pet to avoid burns!  

Swimming can be a fun activity for the entire family, and just like we promote water safety for our children we also should follow the same respective rules for our pets. Be sure to use pet-safe flotation devices in deep waters, avoid bodies of water with dangers such as toxic algae and predators, and ensure adequate supervision with swimming.  

Summertime also brings more bugs, and with some bugs come disease. The good news for this is we have the power to prevent! Don’t forget to give your pets their veterinary prescribed heartworm, flea, and tick prevention year-round to avoid infection with potentially life-threatening diseases. Call Four Paws Animal Hospital to be sure your pet is up to date on their testing and prevention, and most of all – have a great summer!