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Benefits of Buying Flea and Tick Preventatives from your Veterinarian

Learn more about buying flea and tick preventatives below.
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Benefits of Buying Flea and Tick Preventatives from your Veterinarian

If you are considering purchasing your pet’s flea & tick medication from an outside source, there are a few things to consider. There are many services that are being provided in addition to the medication
itself when you purchase your products from us:

Keep in mind that we have promotions and rebates to pass on from the manufacturers that are not
available online, in catalogs, or at the major retail stores. This means we are often cheaper than 3rd party sources.

We invite you to compare our prices to other sources; we are confident that you will find
them to be very competitive.

We purchase our medications only from reputable sources. Some internet companies are selling products
that are not labeled for sale in this country. Not only is this illegal, it has resulted in errors on the part of the consumers. For example, the weight will be in kilograms instead of pounds. Do you know how many kilograms your pet weighs?

Improper use of flea & tick products, especially in cats, can lead to fatal reactions. We have seen cats die because the wrong product was accidentally used by their owner. We can help you avoid these mistakes.

Some flea & tick medications are not safe to use with other medications that your pet may be on. We are familiar with your pet’s medical history and can help you choose a safe product.

Brand names matter: There are many “generic” options available. Even if they have the same active ingredients, the “carrier,” which helps distribute the product all over your pet’s body, may not be the same and therefore not be as effective as the name brand product.

Generic options also may use chemicals that are not as safe for your pet. A major local retailer is selling a generic product that can only be used in dogs over 6 months of age, although this information is buried in the fine print on the back of the box.

All of the major drug manufacturers (who make Parastar Plus, Frontline Plus, etc.) will only uphold their guarantees if the products were purchased through approved channels (your veterinarian). Online pharmacies and retail stores such as Costco obtain their products from non-approved channels, and therefore you would not receive any support from the manufacturer in situations of apparent product failure or medical complications. The manufacturers feel very strongly that the involvement of the veterinarian is crucial to the safe and effective use of their products.

Drug company representatives visit us regularly to share with us their latest data and research, and are a valuable source of up-to-the-minute information. In addition, our staff participates in regular meetings to make sure everyone is well versed on the safe and effective use of the products that we carry. We are a reliable source to answer any questions you may have about the products you have purchased.

In our experience, perceived product failure is actually due to incorrect use by the client. We can help you avoid those common mistakes so that you are not wasting your money.

These products can be purchased directly from Four Paws at your next visit, or can be mailed to your home through our online store.

Written by Dr. Kathy Kallay

(C) 2012, K. M. Kallay

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