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Pet Pharmacy

Learn more about our pet pharmacy services below.
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Pet Pharmacy

At Four Paws Animal Hospital & Wellness Center, we stock numerous medications that your pets may need.
If we do not carry a specific medication we will provide a written prescription.

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In House Pharmacy

We carry a variety of medications in our hospital that we can send home with you. This means you don’t have to make a separate trip to pick up your medications elsewhere, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

While some “human” medications can also be used in pets, there are many that are specific to veterinary medicine. Our doctors and staff are highly trained to counsel you on how to administer the medication and what side effects to watch for. Unfortunately, human pharmacists have no training on how medications affect animals, so we are your only experts on safety and efficacy.

Online Pharmacy

For your convenience, most medications can also be purchased through our online pharmacy (VetSource). This allows the medication to be delivered straight to your home and at a great price. This is especially convenient for long-term medications. You can use the “auto-ship” feature so you don’t even have to remember to order it! We can also arrange to have prescription pet food and over-the-counter items such as joint supplements shipped to your home.

When you purchase your medications through our pharmacy, not only can you still use manufacturer rebates and coupons, but all of the product guarantees still apply. This is often not the case with other online pharmacies.

Because the medications are coming directly from our supplier, you don’t have to worry about your pet being sent “diverted” products from third party suppliers which could be ineffective, expired, or in some cases the wrong product altogether.

Browse our pharmacy to find your pet’s medication. You can request the product yourself online, or feel free to call our hospital and we will set it all up for you.

Compounding Pharmacy

For those pets that are difficult to medicate, we are usually able to have the medication specially made into a formulation that is easier to administer and will be mailed to your home. Options can include:

  • Flavored liquids
  • Flavored soft chews
  • “Mini melts” that dissolve in their mouth (no swallowing required)
  • A gel that is wiped on the ear